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Selasa, 15 Januari 2013


Pakej Rempah
  1.5 Hours                                         RM 138

Package includes of:

Body Herbal Steam
-       Open pores of skin allow herbs penetrate deeper in the skin. Improve blood circulation and burn fats.

Herbs body masker
-       Heal any skin’s disease. Exfoliate skin, invigorating skin, firm and improve skin’s elasticity.

Herbs bath /  Mandi Rempah
-       Heal any skin’s diseases. Freshen body and mind. Improve health’s condition.

Body Pamper Package

Traditional Massage Package 2 Hours 10 Minutes   RM 168

Traditional Massage ~ 45 Minutes
Full Body  Scrub ~ 1 Hour
 – choices of Mangosteen, Green Tea, Coffee, Rice Milk, Ginger, Green Bean or Balinese Boreh Scrub.
Body herbal steam ~ 15 Minutes
Soft water bath ~ 10 Minutes

Breast Treatment
                   1 Hour                                              FROM RM 60 ++

Package includes of:

Breast Massage
-       By using of Bulus oil naturally firm and push up the breast.

Breast firm masker
-       Rose water added to masker powder to firm a breast beautifully

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